Unveiling the Best Trivia Sites on the Web

Best Trivia Sites on the Web

Are you a trivia enthusiast looking for the ultimate online destination to test your knowledge and have fun? Look no further as we delve into a world of brain-teasing challenges and explore the best online trivia sites. From the well-known to the hidden gems, we’ve got you covered. Buzzfeed.com: Dabbling in Trivia Buzzfeed, the internet’s … Read more

How to Speed Up Slow PC for Free

How to Speed Up Slow PC for Free

Every time you use the computer it is always the same story. Your historical technological companion is slow, and you often find yourself complaining in front of the monitor because of its excessive slowness. How do you say? The topic is of interest to you because you would like to understand how to speed up … Read more

What my Baby will Look Like: Website and free apps

What my baby will look like

Since you found out you are expecting a baby, you and your partner keep asking yourself: what will my child look like, which of the two will he look like? Unless you resort to some expensive DNA test, you do not know, and you will have to wait patiently for the date of the happy … Read more

How to Create a Free Photo Album

How to create a free photo album

Your PC is chock full of photos that remember the good times spent with family, friends and work colleagues and you would like to keep them inside a digital photo album to “browse” when you invite your loved one’s home. What can I say? You had a great idea! So, are you ready to get … Read more

How to Color Black and White Photos

How to color black and white photos

Your grandmother just showed you her pictures as a child. They are black and white photos, faded, but they care a lot because they are the only memory he has of his childhood. Why not surprise her by giving color to the photos she showed you? How do you say? Did you totally ignore the … Read more

How to Create Virtual Machine

How to create virtual machine

A virtual machine is a fake computer that can run an operating system that is different or the same as the one installed on the real computer. This is a solution that is particularly useful and convenient especially for two reasons: first because it allows you to have another operating system available without having to … Read more

How to Make Calendars with Photos

How to make calendars with photos

Are you tired of the “anonymous” calendars you hung on the walls of your house? Would you like to replace them with something more original and personal to proudly show off to friends and family? How about making personalized calendars using photos of the good times spent with your loved ones? If the idea appeals … Read more

How to Know If your Mobile Phone is Under Control

How to Know If your Mobile Phone is Under Control

Using your smartphone often, you immediately notice when something is wrong. However, you just cannot figure out if the “strange behaviors” of the device you are experiencing in the last few days are related to some common software problem or if there is something more. For this reason, you are looking for guidance on how … Read more

How to Track a Cell Phone for Free

How to Track a Cell Phone for Free

Are you afraid of losing your mobile phone and would like to know if there are tools that can track it, even in case of theft? Would you like to play a prank on a friend and make him believe that he is a brilliant hacker who can track all his movements? Or do you … Read more

How to Use your Phone as a Webcam

How to Use your Phone as a Webcam

Here we go again! Your brother stole your webcam again… just now that you would need it to make a video conference with your classmates! Are you wondering if there is a way to remedy the situation? I intrigued you and would you like to find out more in detail how to proceed? Well, then … Read more