What my Baby will Look Like: Website and free apps

Since you found out you are expecting a baby, you and your partner keep asking yourself: what will my child look like, which of the two will he look like? Unless you resort to some expensive DNA test, you do not know, and you will have to wait patiently for the date of the happy event to approach.

So, can you know what you are still doing there impaled? Run immediately to try the solutions listed below, follow step by step the “tips” that I will give you and have fun trying to find out how your child will be. Happy reading and above all … Best wish for the son who is about to arrive!

Sites to know what your child will be like

To know how your child will be, you can resort to some online services, such as those that I am going to recommend in the following chapters, which combine the faces of the two future parents and merge them into an output photo that represents the hypothetical face of the boy or girl who is about to be born. So read on to learn more.

Make Me Babies

One of the first solutions I recommend you try is Make Me Babies, an online service that shows what your child will look like, using facial recognition to imagine what the face of the newborn could be.

Its operation is quite simple: just give him “fed” your photo and that of your partner and you are done. Alternatively, you can combine photos of some famous people or use images of some VIPs as partners, for even more fun use.

That said, to make use of Make Me Babies, connected to its main page, click on the Choose file button located  in  the Upload your photo box, upload your photo and then click on the Next button  located at the bottom right. On the page that opens, presses the green Choose file button located in the box Unbox your partner photo, upload the photo of your partner and then click on the Next button located at the bottom right.

At this point, fill out the form that appears on the screen. indicating whether you hope to have a girl (Baby Girl), a boy (Baby boy) or both (Eather); Select your child’s skin color using the Auto-detect tool or by selecting one of the other available options.

Then type the baby’s name in the Baby Name text field, select one of the frames in the Choose baby frame box and, finally, presses the Next button.

If everything went well, you would see the hypothetical appearance of your child: if you wish, you can share the photo just obtained on social networks or send it via email, using the appropriate buttons offered by the site.

What Will My Baby Look Like

Another online service you can try is What Will My Baby Look Like. As you may have already guessed from its name, it is a site that, in a similar way to other solutions of this type, allows you to know how the face of your child will be, combining the faces of the two parents, or some VIPs.

That said, to use What Will My Baby Look Like, connect to its main page, click on the Click here to make your own baby now! and, on the  page that opens, press the Choose file button, in order to upload a front photo of your face and then click on the Upload button.

Now you need to help the online service recognize the face. Therefore, following the directions that are shown to you, click on the four ends of the head in the photo you uploaded, placing four green dots: one above the forehead, one on the chin and the remaining two on the ears, then presses the Finish button to continue.

Once this is done, you will be shown the preview of the image you have selected: presses  the Try Again button  if you want to repeat the operation (in case you have made a mistake and the head should not be displayed entirely), or press the Continue button to  move to the next step.

You will then be asked to define other sections of the face: you will then have to click on each eyebrow, on the eyes, nose, lips, hairline, and jaw. When you are done, click the Finish button.

Now press the Upload your image button and repeat the steps I indicated in the previous lines, to upload the photo of your partner, to merge it with yours and find out what face your child could have.

Then select one of the two photos you want to use to morph and press the Morph link. Now, in the next screen that is shown to you, click on the Prepared Images tab and press on the other photo to be used for morphing (that of the other parent of the child).

Indicate, then, the ethnicity of both parents through the drop-down menus located under the heading to make a baby image, select the ethnicity of the parents and, finally, press the Morph baby button.

Et-voila! The result will be a photo of a boy (or girl) that is the derivative of the “fusion” of your features with those of your partner.

Baby AC

Another online solution that you can use, to know what your child’s face could look like, is the service offered by Baby AC which, through artificial intelligence, scans and analyzes the faces of the parents’ photos, to offer you a potentially plausible result.

This tool can be used up to twice a day, or up to a maximum of five times a day if you register for a free account. In addition, uploaded images are deleted after 24 hours, to ensure greater protection of your privacy.

That said, to use the analysis tool of Baby AC connected to its official website and  start uploading photos of parents, pressing on the buttons  Dad’s photo  and Mom’s Photo.

Now, choose if you want the baby to look more like the father or the mother, through the appropriate drop-down menu (Like dad for dad or Like Mom for mom) and press the See the baby button to see the result.

At the end of the processing you can choose whether, for example, to save the photo of the child (Baby only) or whether to save the photo of the parents together with that of the child (Parents + Baby).

App to know what your child will be like

Would you like to know what your child will be like using your smartphone or tablet directly? No problem: both on Android and iOS / iPadOS you can install apps that allow you to do this in a free and fun way. Let us find out more in detail.

BabyMaker (Android)

If you use  an Android device, you can try Baby Maker: an app that can be downloaded for free from  the Play Store or through alternative stores, which allows you to upload your photos to know how your baby will look, being able to also set some parameters, such as age, gender and ethnicity.

However, the app has limited customizations in the free version: to fully manage the generation of your child’s face, by activating the Expert Mode feature you need to pay 5.49. If, on the other hand, you only want to remove the advertising and watermark that is imprinted in the saved photo, without taking advantage of the advanced features, you must pay 1.99.

That said, after installing and starting this app on your device, presses the (+) button located on the left and uploads a photo of yourself from the gallery or take one now by pressing, respectively, on the buttons depicting the panorama and the camera. Then repeat the same operation for the second photo, that of your partner.

Now, select the ethnicity of your child, pressing on the smiley face and then selecting the four smiley faces. In addition, you can also set the gender (Gender) and age (Age) of the unborn child by pressing the relevant buttons located in the Main section.

When you are done customizing, press the button with the two hearts. Wait, then, for the app to process the output image and then save it locally by pressing the button with the floppy symbol or send it to your friends by pressing the button with the share icon.

Your Future Child: Generator (iOS/iPadOS)

Using an iPhone or iPad? In this case, an app that can do for you is Your Future Child, an app that, in a similar way to the other solutions proposed, aims to help you discover the hypothetical face that your child could have.

Before illustrating how it works, I would like to point out that this app can only be used for free a limited number of times; to use it in an unlimited way and to be able to take advantage of other features, such as the ability to determine the color of your child’s hair and eyes, you must purchase the paid version whose cost starts from € 1.99 / week.

All clear? Well, then let us proceed. After downloading and starting the app in question presses on the item Continue with the limited version and then tap the Scan button, in correspondence with the Gender determination by photo feature.

Once this is done, upload the photo of the father of the child (Father) and that of the mother (Mother) by pressing the (+) buttons in correspondence with the relative boxes.

Then choose the sex of your child and wait for the processing of the output image that you can eventually save in the gallery of your device or send to other people, through the share icon.

FaceApp (Android/iOS)

Do you wonder what my son will be like when you grow up? In this case, to find out, you can have fun using FaceApp, a well-known free app available  for Android (also downloadable from alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS, which allows you to modify a face, to age it, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

This app is free, but to make use of all its filters and for an ad-free experience, you need to buy the paid version, subscribing to a subscription with costs starting from 4.99 / month.

That said, to use it, after downloading it on your device, to use it for free, start by pressing the Gallery button, to import a photo of your child as a child, which you can grow and even age digitally, through the appropriate filters.

Now, in the next screen that is shown to you, press on the Age tool and then tap on the young or old filter, to see how your child will become at different ages of his life.