How to Make Calendars with Photos

Are you tired of the “anonymous” calendars you hung on the walls of your house? Would you like to replace them with something more original and personal to proudly show off to friends and family? How about making personalized calendars using photos of the good times spent with your loved ones? If the idea appeals to you, know that you have come to the right place at the right time!

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will show you how to make calendars with photos using some completely free online services and, if you do not have much time to do this type of work independently, I will list some websites to contact to commission the creation of personalized photo calendars.

So, are you ready to get started? Yes? Fantastic! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to focus on reading the next paragraphs and choose the solution that best suits your needs: in one way or another, you will be able to get personalized calendars of sure impact. Happy reading and have fun!

How to make a calendar with photos for free online

First, we go to see the free options that are provided to us by online services, then we will move on to some specific program.


One of the best online services to make calendars with photos is Canva. It is a very versatile web service that is used to make business cards, write on photos, create logos, make photo collages and make many other graphic “jobs”. It is free, but with some templates and features available for a fee.

To make calendars with Canva, then connect to its main page and click on the Subscribe button  at the top right. From here, select the method by which you intend to register for the service by choosing between email address, your Facebook account  or your Google account,** by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Once you have created your Canva account, use the central search bar to search for photo calendar templates by typing these same keywords. At this point, locate the template you like best, click on its preview to open it directly in the editor.

Now that you can work on it, it is time to make all the necessary changes. To replace the sample photos with your personal photos, click on the Uploads item (on the left), then click on the green Upload file button and upload them from your computer. Then drag your personal photos into the project (i.e. where the sample photos are) and you are done. If you want to change the name or font in which the months or days are written, click on them and then use the tools in the top bar.

If you wish, you can also insert additional elements in your calendar, such as shapes, lines, and other graphic elements by clicking on the item Elements on the left. You can also add text or see other projects created by you by clicking on the items always present in the left side menu.

As soon as you are satisfied with your personalized calendar, save it to your PC by clicking on the Share followed by Discharge located at the top right and choosing one of the formats available for download (e.g...PNG,.PDF, etc.).


Another online service that allows you to create personalized calendars with your photos is PicallyCalendar. As you can easily guess from its name, it specializes in creating personalized calendars, both monthly and annual, completely free of charge and without making any registration. Unfortunately, its interface is only in English, German, and Dutch.

To make calendars with PicallyCalendar, then connect to its main page, click on the green Create Calendar Now button  located in the center of the screen and, on the page that opens, start changing its characteristics. You can choose the Template to use (only some are free), upload the image you want to use and, in the Settings section, change the language as well as adding events or selecting the font.

If you want to check the box located next to the Start with Sunday item, if you want to set the calendar so that the first day of the week is Sunday instead of Monday and click on the Manage Events button to insert an event or anniversary to remember in the calendar.

As soon as you have finished creating your personalized calendar, click on the Download Calendar button and wait for the automatic download of the newly created calendar. At this point press the Download calendar button again to finish the operation by starting the download.

Sites to print calendars with photos.

Do you want to create calendars with your photos relying on professionals in the sector? Contrary to what you might think, you do not need to spend astronomical figures. There are, in fact, sites specialized in printing calendars with photos that allow you to order calendars with your photos spending reasonable amounts. Very often, moreover, special discounts are available reserved for new members. Here are some of the services of this type that I recommend you try.

  • PhotoSì — this portal, also available as an app for Android and iOS/iPadOS, offers the possibility to print photo calendars of various formats. Prices start at 9.90 dollars for the current calendar and can go beyond 20 dollars for the most elaborate models.
  • Digitalpix — is another well-known web portal for online prints, thanks to which you can order the printing of photo calendars in multiple formats: table, wall, etc. (both annual and monthly). Prices vary according to the type of calendar chosen ranging from 5.50 dollars for those from wall to rise.

How to Make Calendars with Photos on PC

Now that we have seen the solutions to create online calendars and print them, let us also look at some desktop programs that you can use offline.

Microsoft Publisher (Windows)

If you think of  the Microsoft 365 suite, the first program that comes to mind to create calendars is definitely Publisher. This tool, in fact, allows you to create any kind of graphic composition, all in a simple and intuitive way.

To start shaping your calendar, therefore, open Publisher and then press the new button on the right. From here type the word “calendars” in the search bar, then press the Enter button to start the search. Once you are done, look through the options provided to you for the template you prefer.

Once you have located what interests you, click on it and then press the Create button from the window that opens. Now you have the calendar in question, you just must make the various changes to make it really yours. By clicking on the photo, you can go to the Format Image tab, press the Change image button followed by the homonymous entry, to be able to choose the photo you prefer from your PC.

To change the style and colors of the template, go to the Page Outline tab and select the colored squares in the Combinations section to give the color tone you like. If you want to edit the content of the template, again from the Page Design tab, click the Master Pages button followed by the Edit Master Pages item to enable editing.

If you want to change the font, always from this tab, click on the Fonts button and choose the one you prefer. When you have finished editing, go to the File tab and select the Save As item to save the calendar on your PC.

Other programs to make calendars with photos.

If the solution just mentioned is not to your liking, let us see what you could use to get great results.

  • Photoshop (Windows/macOS) — the most popular photo editing program in the world, allows you to create even photo calendars without too much effort.
  • GIMP (Windows/macOS/Linux) — free, open-source alternative to Photoshop available for all major operating systems. Its operation is remarkably like the famous Adobe Photoshop software, albeit with a slightly different interface.
  • Word (Windows/macOS) — the popular word processing software included with Office. Its operation is like that of Publisher, with the possibility of downloading ready-to-use templates from the Microsoft site (and not only).

App to make calendars with photos.

If you want to create calendars with photos directly through your smartphone or tablet, there are several apps that allow you to do it easily.

  • Canva (Android/ iOS/iPadOS) — app of the Web platform seen at the beginning of the tutorial, which allows you to access most of its functions even from smartphones and tablets.
  • Microsoft Word  (Android/iOS/iPadOS) — also for Word in mobile version you can use one of the many templates on the Microsoft site.
  • Person Photo Calendar (iOS/iPadOS) — app for Apple devices that allows you to create calendars with photos in a few simple taps. Free with in-app purchases to eliminate (minimally invasive) ads.