How to Track a Cell Phone for Free

Are you afraid of losing your mobile phone and would like to know if there are tools that can track it, even in case of theft? Would you like to play a prank on a friend and make him believe that he is a brilliant hacker who can track all his movements? Or do you need to check some of your child’s movements? No problem, today I am here to explain how to spy on a free cell phone in a completely legal and lawful, simple, and fast way. And here you can check if you cellphone is under control.

I want to immediately clarify and remind you that spying on a cell phone is not, generically speaking, an operation that should be performed daily. You will agree with me that from a moral point of view it is incorrect to keep an eye on another person’s device without their knowledge. The circumstances in which this is morally permissible are limited, for example parental control (therefore to monitor the activities conducted by minors).

Do we agree? Well, then having made these necessary premises, we can begin to talk on a practical level about the tools that I recommend you use for the purpose you have proposed. So take a few minutes of free time and carefully read the instructions of my tutorial. Happy reading and, I recommend, use the information below only for lawful purposes. Let me be clear: I do not take any responsibility if I were to use it differently.

How to track a cell phone for free without installing programs

The first solution I want to talk to you about to spy on a cell phone for free without installing programs is related to the use of tools that, available by default on Android and iOS mobile devices, allow you to keep track of the location of a mobile phone.

These are features designed to allow, for example, to track a device in case of theft, as location tracking requires the preliminary activation of some settings. In addition, to use these tools, you need to know the login data of the account associated with the device you want to track (the Google account for  Android devices or the iCloud account for iOS ones).

The following paragraphs therefore refer to the procedure for Android or iOS, related to the use of these specific monitoring tools and without the use of other programs to spy on mobile phones.

Find My Device (Android)

To track the location of an Android device, you can use the default Find My Device tool. As anticipated, to use this tool, you must first activate some settings and then perform the configuration of this native feature of Google mobile devices.

All you have to do is make sure that location is turned on in your device and that it is turned on, connected to the Internet and associated with a Google account (which usually happens during the first setup. To verify that your device is correctly associated with your Google Account, connect to this page.

Once you have verified that everything is in order, if you need to locate your device, go to  the Find My Device web page through any browser for Internet browsing and log in with the same Google account you use on your smartphone. You now have in front of you the geographical map with your localized device: it is depicted with an icon, positioned on the address where it is located.

In the left column, instead, you can view the model, the Wi-Fi network to which it is eventually connected, the   remaining battery. And still you have a series of actions that you can perform: Play audio to make the device  ring for 5 minutes even if it is in silent mode, Lock the device to  lock it and exit your Google account (but you can still locate it), Reset the device to  erase all content (after the reset you will no longer be able to locate it).

Of course this monitoring tool can also be used on another Android device, just download the Find My Device app that works as I just described to you. Keep in mind, however, that the moment you locate a device will receive a notification on the same.

Find My (iOS)

In this paragraph we will see together how to spy on an iPhone mobile phone for free, so without installing third-party programs. To trace the location of an iOS device you can use the default tool Find Is, whose operation is like the tool for Android I told you about in the previous lines.

Also in this case some preliminary operations are necessary: make sure you have connected the iPhone to the iCloud account and also activated the location.

Now go to the settings and press on [Apple ID Name] > Find My iPhone > Find My iPhone. On this screen make sure the button is active, if not, turn it on. Now your iPhone is set to be geolocated at any time. Make sure the thumb sticks are also turned on Network Where is it and Send last position: the first allows you to locate the latest iPhones even when turned off (through the network also used by AirTags), the second to know the last known position of the device before its possible shutdown.

To do this, connect to  the Find My webpage or use the Find My app (iOS/iPadOS) installed on another device. Sign in with the Apple ID information associated with your tracked device. Now you can see in front of you where the devices linked to your Apple ID are located. To focus on the iPhone, tap on All Devices and then on the name of your iPhone.

As for Android, also for iPhone you have a series of remote controls available: Ring to  make it sound, Lost mode to lock the iPhone and  send a personalized message on the screen, Erase the iPhone to  reset it (you will delete your data, you will log out of the iCloud account and you will no longer be able to locate the device).

How to spy on a cell phone for free WhatsApp

How do you say? Would you like to know how to spy on a cell phone for free with WhatsApp? The curiosities are more than justified, it is important to know  how to spy on WhatsApp of another phone to  learn how to protect yourself from any spies. Knowing the risks, you will know how to take the right precautions.

Think that it is even possible  to spy on WhatsApp conversations without the victim’s phone, you will understand how important it is to have more than one protection barrier.

One of the techniques is the cloning of the MAC address, a 12-digit code that identifies the devices that connect to the Internet and which is also used by WhatsApp to verify the identity of users. There are applications that can camouflage it. Another solution adopted to spy on WhatsApp is through the use of spy apps.

Also you can spy on a cell phone with WhatsApp through its Web version. I told  you about how to use WhatsApp on PC, now it’s time to let you know that in some circumstances they could spy on you through WhatsApp Web. If snoopers could gain access to the PC on which you made and stored access to WhatsApp, it would be child’s play to read your conversations. Also because it works even if the smartphone and the PC are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network (although it requires the initial unlock with biometric system and sends recurring notifications that the WhatsApp account is connected to a PC).

How to spy on a cell phone for free knowing only the number

About how to spy on a free cell phone only with the phone number, you should know that it is also possible to do it through WhatsApp.

Although unknowingly, using the well-known messaging app we leave a series of traces on our habits. So it would be easy to find out what time we took the phone thanks to the last access, even if hidden. Or with the online state, although it can be removed. To spy on someone it would be enough to add the phone number to the address book and monitor all this on WhatsApp.

The more experienced could act with other tools. I am willing to bet that at least once you received a suspicious SMS in which you were invited to press on a link. Maybe pending packages. They are all attempts to spy on someone through malicious links with which to be able to install silent spy apps that allow you to remotely monitor a device.

How to spy on a cell phone from PC for free

You are thinking that the methods that allow you to spy on a cell phone from your PC for free are the easiest to use and leave few traces. It is not said. For example, it could be complicated to act secretly with  the Find My Device function  that I told you about in the first paragraph.

In this case a notification arrives on the spied device, so the owner would notice it. That said, it is also true that by now they have discovered where you are, the notification would only serve to inform you of what happened and would not prevent you from locating.

You would be able to spy on a cell phone from a PC even with spy applications. Once activated on the smartphone you can locate the relevant websites of the apps. We must not neglect the possibility that WhatsApp Web is spied on, in this way your conversations would end up under the eyes of the nosy.

App to spy on a cell phone for free.

You may not be satisfied with the tools seen so far; in this case an option would be to resort to apps to spy on a cell phone for free. We are going to see some of them together: continue reading always keeping in mind that they are monitoring tools to be used for lawful and legal purposes. If I were to make other uses, I do not take responsibility for it.

Prey (Android/iOS)

As for the ability to spy on an iOS mobile device, the choices are more limited, since the Apple operating system is a “closed” system (unless you Jailbreak and install apps like iKeyMonitor). But that does not mean you cannot succeed.

You can use the Prey app  (Android/iOS/iPadOS). After  downloading the app, launch it and press Start > Go to permissions  and press On While using the app, then on Allow to  give permissions to the app without which it would not work.

After the permission phase, you must register. Tap on Don’t have an account? and fill in the Name, email address, password and confirm password fields. Tick to confirm that you are over 16, accept the Terms of Service and the latest only if you want to receive advertising emails from Prey. Then tap on Register. You will be sent an email to confirm your address, in the same you will have to press on Activate my account and enter your credentials on the next screen.

Go back to the app, click on Login, and enter your password. Prey now protects your device. To locate it you must go to the Prey website, press on Login and  log in with the email address and password chosen during registration. Now you have in front of you the map with the icon of where your device is.

By clicking (or tapping) on the name of the device, in the left column, you can access the Set device to Missing button and, on the right, you see a series of actions, such as Remote Alarm, Alert Message, Screen Lock.

Other apps to spy on a cell phone.

Would you like more advice on free applications to use to spy on a cell phone? Do not worry, look at the directions below, I am sure you will be satisfied.

  • Mobile Fence (Android) – is a free application that allows you to spy on a mobile phone with features dedicated to parental control. It is only available for download from the Android Play Store and allows you to monitor and limit many activities performed, such as launching applications. I told you about it in detail in my guide on how to block adult sites.
  • Qustodio (Android/iOS/iPadOS) — is one of the best parental control apps and is available on both Android and iOS. Its functionalities are like the Mobile Fence application, since the purpose is to monitor and limit the activity that is performed on the devices where the app is installed.

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