How to Download Free Newspapers: Best 3 Options

It is true, buying the newspaper at the newsstand, taking it home and reading it while sitting comfortably in an armchair has its reason. Keeping the pages of your favorite newspaper between your fingers, smelling the freshly printed paper, and keeping the clippings of the prominent news are actions that, although still retain a certain charm, have fallen into disuse with the advent of technology. All the main newspapers can, in fact, be read directly and comfortably online, using your computer or, again, your smartphone or tablet. Obviously, it is not the land of toys, even in this case you must pay, just like when you go to the newsagent.

And if instead I told you that thanks to some special tools and services you can download newspapers for free? That makes you tempted, doesn’t it? Imagined. Well, know that I am not kidding you and reading my tutorial dedicated just to the subject you can easily realize it. Would you like to? Yes? Grandiose! Then make yourself comfortable and follow the instructions below. Together, I can assure you, we will see some beautiful ones.

Ah, I almost forgot: to avoid misunderstandings, I want to point out to you right away that what I am going to propose in this guide of mine are all absolutely legal practices and that have nothing to do with piracy or other unorthodox methods. That said, I wish you enjoyable reading… Not only of this guide but, of course, also of your favorite newspapers!

How to download free newspapers

Let us immediately get to the significant part by seeing how to download free newspapers. In the next lines you will find listed various useful solutions for this purpose, but I point out that the free versions of the latter have several limitations. With that in mind, let us proceed.

PressReader (Online/Android/iOS/iPadOS)

The first of the useful resources to download free newspapers that I want to tell you about is PressReader. Have you never heard of it? Imagined. Anyway there is no problem, let us fix it immediately. It is a renowned online platform that allows you to read the pages of national and international periodicals directly from the browser window (any) browsing them in an analogous way to how it would be possible to do with their paper version.

It is paid: the subscription starts from 29.99 usd / month (after a 7-day trial) or buy individual issues starting from 0.99 usd / each, although for some newspapers it is possible to read some articles for free in text form. In addition, it should be borne in mind that it does not offer a special command to download newspapers but integrates one for printing from whose preview it is possible to obtain a PDF to be saved on the computer. The “real” download is allowed only on mobile devices, using the appropriate app. Let us see in detail how it works.

First, connect to the PressReader page. In this way you will be automatically offered to read a whole series of articles from the various local newspapers chosen by the PressReader team. You can browse them all by scrolling to the right or by clicking the arrow button that you see appear on the screen by bringing the pointer to the right edge of the browser window.

If you want to explore the various articles based on the topic of reference, click on the one of your interests (Business and finance, Children, Design, Animals, Photography, etc.), corresponding to the Categories section below.

Do you want to see the complete list of available publications and consult specific newspapers? Then press on the words View all placed in the Newspapers section: you will be shown the complete list of newspapers with their cover on display.

For each article you read you can also view the other pages  of the same newspaper available, you can bookmark, you can choose  to listen to the reading of the article, to copy the text or,  even to print it or translate it,  simply by clicking on the appropriate function (if you do not see one of those just listed, after opening the newspaper of your interest,  click  the More button  visible on the screen).

Keep in mind that reading newspapers in full and performing other actions (e.g. changing the country of reference) are operations reserved for registered and paying users.

As for the use of the mobile service, PressReader  is available in the form of an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS The functions are good or bad the same offered by the site with in addition, as anticipated in the previous lines, the ability to download newspapers (but I have already told you that it is a pay function).

Issuu (Online/Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Although like the service I have already told you about, Issuu is a different resource from the one mentioned above. It is a Web service that allows you to upload digital documents of various kinds (including magazines, newspapers, and other printed media) for realistic viewing and editing.

In short, it is a platform for sharing paper material in digital format of diverse types, freely shareable and in all cases completely free (although it must be said that access to all the functions of the site requires a subscription, which starts from 16 usd / month). For your purpose, it can be useful to you as there are pages of various newspapers shared by other users that can be read and downloaded locally.

To use it, go to its Issuu main page, write the name of the newspaper of your interest in the Find creators  and content field  (at the top) and presses  the Enter key  on the keyboard to start the search. If necessary, filter the search results through the menu on the left, ticking one of the available options (Relevance, Date, Popularity and Location) under the Prioritize by section and indicate the language of your interest, using the Language drop-down menu.

Once you have identified the content of your interest (if available), click on its preview image, and then click on the Download button, to start downloading it (if the button in question is gray, you cannot download the content, but simply read it online). If, on the other hand, you try to download a content, but the words You must purchase the publication before you can download it appear, it means that this must be purchased.

If you are interested, I finally point out that Issuu can also be used from mobile, in the form of an app for Android smartphones and tablets and for iOS / iPadOS devices. The operation is remarkably similar to that of the website.

Google News (Online/Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Another solution to which you can appeal is Google News, the service offered by “Big G”, as easily guessed by the name itself, which allows you to consult all the latest news for the country of reference related to various issues.

It is accessible  online, through the browser, but also and above all in the form of an app, that is to say the one I am going to talk about in the following lines as it includes a special section dedicated to reading and downloading online newspapers, all (or almost) at no cost.

To download free newspapers on your device with Google News, the first fundamental step you need to take is therefore to download the app on your smartphone or tablet. The application is usable on Android and iOS/iPadOS. You can download it, respectively, from the Play Store and from the App Store by pressing directly from your device on the links I have just provided.

When the download is complete, open the application, follow the short introductory tutorial that is proposed to you and log in to your Google account. Now that you see the main screen of Google News, press on the Newsstand item at the bottom right and select the online newspaper of your interest among the various available. They are organized by topic, by scrolling down the screen you can see them all.

When you open a newspaper, you can consult the news by scrolling through the homepage and then tapping on the article you want to read or you can explore the various sections that compose it by selecting the appropriate items at the top of the screen (e.g. Economy, Sport, Technology, etc.). You can also add it to your favorites, so that you can access it more easily later from the appropriate section: to do this, press on the star, which is located at the top right.

For your information, I point out that the only favorites are also accessible  from the Web version of the service, after  adding them from the app, after clicking on the item You are following which is located in the sidebar on the left.

If you are interested, I then point out that, newspapers aside, Google News also allows you to read the main news of the moment, as I had anticipated in the previous lines. To do this, simply go to the Titles section of the app. In the for you section you will find the main news of the moment that Google has selected for you, in fact, based on your interest, your location and other variables.

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