How to Create Temporary Emails

To enter the reserved area of a website we are usually forced to register by providing our e-mail address. After filling out the appropriate form and clicking on the button to confirm the thing, we receive an email with a link. At this point, to access the portal we must confirm our account with a further click on the link contained in the message.

To create an account on those that are the websites that we do not trust, we can however use a temporary email box, otherwise called “disposable”. These are online services that provide temporary email boxes without registration or entering personal data to avoid spam. How do they work? Which is the best? Keep reading my tutorial on how to create temporary emails and you will find out.

How to create temporary email for free

As I said before, there are many online services thanks to which you can create temporary email for free: below I point out some of the best.

I would like to point out that normally these services are to be used only for portals that in all probability will no longer be used in the future or that are not particularly dependable. In other cases, I strongly recommend using “real” email addresses, also because messages received in temporary email boxes can potentially be read by anyone who knows their address.

Guerilla Mail

The first service to create temporary emails that I want to suggest is Guerilla Mail, which allows you to generate temporary mailboxes lasting up to 1 hour (after which they are automatically deleted).

Email addresses have formed The name is imposed by the service and cannot be chosen at will. It also allows you to reply to messages received, functioning, in fact, as a real e-mail box. All for free.

To use Guerilla Mail, go to  the home page of the service  and wait a few moments for the assignment of the temporary email address, visible at the top of the page.

If you want to change the suffix of the assigned temporary email, click on it, and type it in the field shown, while to change the domain you must select it from the appropriate drop-down menu. A little further down, however, there is the field with the pseudonymous email address, which you can disable by removing the check from the relative box.

Further down, in the Email tab, there is the area dedicated to the inbox. To read and reply to messages of your interest click on them, while to delete them you must select them from the list and click on the Delete button.

If you then need to compose a new email, select the Write tab  and  fill in  the To, Subject and  box at the bottom with the recipient’s email address, subject and body of the message, then attach any files by clicking on  the Choose file button  (the maximum size allowed is 150 MB) and press  the Send button  to proceed with the shipment.


Another great service to create temporary emails that I recommend you try is Yopmail. It is completely free and supports disposable e-mail addresses of the type and many others, for example:,, nome@nospam.ze.tcetc. You can choose your preferred one when you create your temporary mailbox. For the rest, it is quite simple to use, and the email addresses created are never deleted. Different is the speech for the emails received, which after 8 days are automatically deleted.

To use YOPmail, visit  the home page of the service and enter the temporary address you want to use in the text field under the heading Choose a Temporary Email Address located on the left, then click on the button with the  adjacent arrow.

Once you have obtained the temporary email box, the content is updated automatically, but, if necessary, you can force it by pressing the button with the circular arrow located at the top left.

All received messages are visible in the list on the left, to read one just click on it. If you want to delete an email, forward it, print it, or view its content only in text form you must use the appropriate buttons located at the top.

To start composing a new message, click on the pencil button at the top left, but keep in mind that it can only be sent to other YOPmail addresses.

Temp Mail

Temp Mail is another service to create temporary emails that I recommend you try, which allows you to get a randomly assigned disposable mailbox, but eventually you can request the change of assigned email address. It is free, but eventually it is also available in a Premium variant (with prices starting at $10/month) which allows you to remove ads and get other additional features.

To use Temp Mail, visit the Temp Mail homepage and wait for a temporary email address to be assigned to you, which will be shown in the field under Your Temporary Email Address.

If necessary, you can copy the email address generated by clicking on the button with the two adjacent sheets to the clipboard of your computer and you can share it by clicking on the button with the QR code.

In the box below there are then the received mail messages that you can read by clicking on them and that you can delete and download locally by selecting the appropriate items.

By clicking on the buttons attached to the menu in the center of the screen you can update the contents of the inbox, change the email address assigned to you and delete it.

Other solutions to create temporary emails for free.

Looking for other solutions to create temporary emails for free? Then look at the ones I have included in the list below. I hope they can satisfy you.

  • MailDrop — Web service that allows the creation of temporary email addresses that can be kept active for an unlimited number of days. It is characterized by a pleasant user interface.
  • 10MinuteMail — this is a famous and appreciated temporary email service through which, as easily deducible from the name itself, it is possible to generate disposable mailboxes lasting up to 10 minutes (but renewable on request). Addresses are created randomly and cannot be chosen personally.
  • Fake Mail Generator — as the name implies, it is a service that allows you to generate a fake email box with various domains that expires automatically after 24 hours.

How to Create Android Temporary Email

Are you wondering how to create temporary Android emails, so going to act from smartphones and tablets based on the mobile platform of the “green robot”? If so, I suggest you rely on the Temp Mail app — Temporary E-mail, the service I told you about in the previous lines. The operation is like that of the site but optimized for touch screens.

To download and install Temp Mail on your device, access  the relevant section of the Play Store (or search for the app  on alternative stores) and press the Install button, then start it by selecting the relevant icon that has been added on the home screen and / or in the drawer.

Now that you see the main screen of Temp Mail, in the E-mail section you will find the temporary email address that has been assigned to you and that you can change by tapping on the Change and / or Modify item. To copy it to the Android clipboard, instead, press the Copy button.

To read the messages, just tap on them and from the screen subsequently shown you can act by eventually deleting them.

By going to the Inbox section, instead, you can read the messages received on the temporary email box. The update takes place automatically, but if you deem it appropriate you can force it by pressing the Update button.

How to Create iPhone Temporary Email

If you want to create temporary iPhone emails (or iPads, it makes no difference), you can send and receive emails with a fake address using iCloud‘s Hide My Email service. It is in fact a solution offered directly by Apple for its users that allows you to create unique and random email addresses to be used for apps, websites and more to avoid having to use the real email address. It is built into iCloud+, so you need to have a paid iCloud plan to take advantage of it.

To be able to use it from your iPhone, access the home screen or the iOS App Library, select the Mail app icon and start composing a new message by pressing the icon with the paper and pencil at the bottom right.

Once you have viewed the form for composing  the email, click on the From field and select the Hide my email option  from the menu that appears, then fill in the To field  with the  recipient’s address, the Cc and Bcc fields  with  any other recipients,  the Subject field with the subject of  the email and the underlying part with the body of the message.

You can also add any attachments by tapping long in the body of the message and choosing the Attach file option from the menu that appears. From the same menu you can also access the options related to formatting, the tool for selecting text, etc.

Finally, proceed with sending the email by tapping the button with the up arrow at the top and you are done.

How to create Gmail temporary email

Have you ended up on this tutorial of mine because eager to find out how to create Gmail temporary email? If so, I inform you that there are no such solutions.

The only thing that, alternatively, you can do is use aliases of your Gmail email address, simply by adding the (+) character and the name of the alias after the name of the email address (e.g. if the real email address is a possible alias is

How to create temporary email for Facebook

Would you like to create temporary emails for Facebook, so you can use the social network without providing your real email address? I am sorry to disappoint you, but the famous platform of the Meta group does not accept the use of almost any “disposable” email service.

Taking this into account, if you really need to create an account on Facebook without providing your real email address, you can decide to generate a secondary one, perhaps specifically designed for the purpose, with Gmail, Outlook or any other service you prefer.